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Image Name How to Unlock Version Introduced DLC Required
Mortarboard Complete the tutorial. v0.1-alpha
Bronze Crown.png
Bronze Crown Achievement: Look Ma, a Shiny Crown! v0.1-alpha
Silver Crown.png
Silver Crown Achievement: Look Ma, an Even Shinier Crown! v0.1-alpha
Gold Crown.png
Gold Crown Achievement: The Shiniest Crown Ever! v0.1-alpha
Top Hat.png
Top Hat v0.1-alpha
Fez v0.1-alpha
Dunce Cap.png
Dunce Cap Ran out of throws on every round of a map... Like seriously, how are you that bad? v0.1-alpha
Pirate Hat.png
Pirate Hat Completed "Seven Seas" under par. v0.1-alpha
Toque Blanche.png
Toque Blanche Cooked your plane 100 times. v0.1-alpha
Halo Flew too high 100 times. v0.1-alpha
Party Hat.png
Party Hat Played the game on its release day. v0.1-alpha
Doughboy Hat.png
Doughboy Hat Sunk your plane 100 times. v0.1-alpha
Propeller Hat.png
Properller Hat Hit an upward wind gust 100 times. v0.1-alpha
Jester Hat.png
Jester Hat Achievement: I Don't Think This One's Cheeky-able v0.1-alpha
Santa Hat.png
Santa Hat Completed "North Pole" under par. v0.1-alpha
Umbrella Hat.png
Umbrella Hat Landed in a puddle 100 times. v0.1-alpha
Daisy Chain.png
Daisy Chain Landed in flowers 100 times. v0.1-alpha
Wooly Hat v0.2-alpha
Pirate Captain's Hat v0.2-alpha
Cowboy Hat v0.2-alpha
Wizard Hat v0.2-alpha
Space Helmet v0.2-alpha
Safari Hat v0.2-alpha
Pumpkin Hat v0.2-alpha
Baseball Cap v0.2-alpha
Sailor Hat v0.2-alpha
Deer Stalker v0.2-alpha
Rain Hat v0.2-alpha
Fishing Hat v0.2-alpha
Sun Hat v0.2-alpha
Hard Hat v0.2-alpha
Fireman's Hat v0.2-alpha
Policeman's Hat v0.2-alpha
Nurse's Hat v0.2-alpha
Tiara v0.2-alpha
Devil Horns v0.2-alpha
Soldier's Hat v0.2-alpha
Admiral's Hat v0.2-alpha
Sun Visor v0.2-alpha
Pilot's Hat v0.2-alpha
Sleeping Cap Do nothing for a whole turn. v0.2-alpha
Christmas Cracker Hat v0.2-alpha
Multicoloured Afro v0.2-alpha
Bowler Hat v0.2-alpha
Trilby v0.2-alpha
Flat Cap v0.2-alpha
Motorcycle Helmet v0.2-alpha
Balmoral Cap v0.2-alpha
Ushanka v0.2-alpha
Aviator Hat v0.2-alpha
Plague Doctors Mask v0.2-alpha
Miner's Hardhat v0.2-alpha
UFO Hat v0.2-alpha
Fascinator v0.2-alpha
Horse Riding Helmet v0.2-alpha
Cycling Helmet v0.2-alpha
Pimp Hat v0.2-alpha
Turban v0.2-alpha
Alien Bobbles v0.2-alpha
Disco Ball.png
Disco Ball Achievement: ...It Was A Graveyard Smash. v0.2-alpha
Witch Hat v0.2-alpha