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Secret achievements are hidden by a spoiler tag

Image Name Description Score Version Introduced
Achievement PiratesAreJustSeaCowboys.png
Pirates Are Just Sea Cowboys
Achievement IDontThinkThisOnesCheekyable.png
I Don't Think This One's Cheeky-able
Achievement OoohAVeganFly.png
Oooh, A Vegan Fly!
Hang On A Minute... I Know That Guy
Achievement ItWasAGraveyardSmash.png
...It Was A Graveyard Smash
Great Scott!
Yo Ho Ho Complete "Seven Seas" under par. v0.1-alpha
Yee-Haw Complete "Wild West" under par. v0.1-alpha
Abracadabra Completed "Enchanted Forest" under par. v0.1-alpha
Awesome! Complete "Skyline" under par. v0.1-alpha
WoOoOoOoOo Complete "The Witching Hour" under par. v0.1-alpha
Ho Ho Ho Complete "North Pole" under par. v0.1-alpha
Ooh Ooh Ah Ah Complete "Jungle Rumble" under par. v0.1-alpha
To Immensity and Afar! Complete "Galactic Voyage" under par. v0.1-alpha
Look Ma, a Shiny Crown! Be at the top of the leaderboard on any map at least once. v0.1-alpha
Look Ma, an Even Shinier Crown! Be at the top of the leaderboard on all maps at least once. v0.1-alpha
The Shiniest Crown Ever! Be at the top of the leaderboard at least once on every map, with every plane model. v0.1-alpha